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Welcome to our studio! We're Gerry and Vicki, a.k.a. the Duo. We've been partners forever, since we met in the Theatre program at Brandeis University near Boston. Our unpredictable and fascinating career has taken us from our early work in 99-seat theatres in Los Angeles to world premieres on Broadway, with many interesting detours into Televison, Commercials, Industrials, Trade Shows, Concert tours, and, what occupies most of our time these days, Cruise Ships.

Yes, we design shows on cruise ships. Lots of them. We started with Royal Caribbean Cruise Line in the very early days of large-scale entertainment on ships, and are thrilled to have been among the trailblazers in this field. Today, shows we have designed are playing on 26 Royal Caribbean ships, which we suppose makes us the most prolific designers of cruise ship entertainment in the world. The work is extremely challenging and quite exhilarating. Teching a 12-set musical in a 1400-seat theatre in high seas in the middle of the Atlantic… let's just say every day is an adventure.

What motivates us is the joy of collaboration with people we love, to create environments where music and imagination can provide wonderment and nourish the soul. So we find ourselves, as always, in the Theatre, but in the most unlikely of locations, on ships at sea. Life is strange and wonderful.

Please take a look through our photo galleries for a sampling of some of our favorites. Enjoy!